Amnesty International -

Seems to be 'charity' week for me.

I don't call it 'charity' really - it's helping others which, for some bizarre reason, is left out of the equation for most organisations and therefore comes down to a focussed and energised few that gather around them a circle of willing volunteers.

Thanks to everyone that helped this 'willing volunteer' yesterday afternoon by popping a LOT of money into the tin in exchange for a pink ribbon and the knowledge that you really made a difference. As Martha says, Mrs Llew upped the take many fold by supplying the sparkly pink boa halo to which I too received comments, most common being - "How can I resist an angel" :-) On ya Mrs Llew.

And now, one more for you.
This involves no money just the few moments it takes to say, "No!" to torture in the name of 'war on terror'.
unsubscribe from human rights abuse in the war on terror

War on Terror (fucking for virginity), what 1984 newspeak world do they ("politicians", elected or not) think we live in - knobs.

Add your voice and join the groups to the Amnesty International (UK) campaign called unsubscribe-me, sign up and let the UK Government hear you loud and proud.

If you want to add stuff to your blog (banners, logos etc) then please do so.


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