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RWC: Paddy Power

I love this story!
Tongan Epi Taione (No 8, centre or wing) has changed his name, by deed poll (official like, I know), to Paddy Power as sponsorship for the Irish bookmakers (betting) firm, Paddy Power.

He thought it would be a fun idea, the Tongan rugby team get a stack of money (no-one else is gonna do that) and the Irish bookmakers get both a story and match time sponsorship.

Epi Taione (Wikipedia)

And it's quite a cool name with a sort of superhero feel to it.
Although in another light it conjures up images of a red haired Irish soccer player from the middle 80's names Seamus O'Flaghtery but was nicknamed thus by The Sun as he scores the winning goal in an England v Ireland 'friendly'.

Ha ha ha ha ha ... it's not all serious folks!