RWC: Favourite dumb line from a coach this weekend

This nugget from the Scottish coach, Frank Hadden. Bear this in mind Scotland have never beaten the All Blacks ever and they have never lost any game at Murrayfield (the empty stadium they'll be playing in later tonight):

"It's pretty simple beating the All Blacks, in my opinion," Hadden told reporters.

"If we do what we have been practising better than they do what they have been practising, we will win the game."

Ha ha ha ha - brilliant. It's easy because we know the secret is being better than them!?!? Actually, the secret is to score more points than them. Spentrails ... care to comment ;-)

Just for the record (thanks ...
The All Blacks' unbeaten streak against Scotland currently sits at 25 tests, comfortably longer than the next best.

In tests dating back to 1905, the Scots can only point to draws at Edinburgh in 1964 (0-0) and 1983 (25-25) for some solace.

In recent times it has been largely one-sided scorelines between the nations, including four tests at the last five World Cups.


Longest unbeaten streak:
25: NZ v SCOTLAND (1905-present)
20: NZ v Ireland (1905-present)
19: NZ v Wales (1953-present)
17: France v Ireland (1984-99)

Best winning percentage:
95 percent: NZ v Ireland (19 wins from 20 tests)
92: NZ v SCOTLAND (23/25)
89: South Africa v Wales (17/19)
87: NZ v Wales (20/23)


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