No subject does this justice

Not because it's mind blowing but because it's a hodge podge of cool, interesting things I've read over the day. Enjoy.

Who says we need our logo on every slide?
Most excellent article about branding. This isn't really a subject that spins my wheels but was so well written by a passionate writer that I only noticed I had read an article about 'branding' when I'd got to the end. Key quote for me:
More than anything, to me a brand is a promise and it is built on trust. And trust takes time. No brand can be built overnight no matter how much money is spent on media and marketing communications designed to get the message “out there.”

A CIO Revolutionizes the Rules of Email
Brilliant move. Some have called this brave, courageous and thinking outside the box, I call it excellent leadership. Key quote for me:
As a high-ranking executive, Rangaswami has the chance to make a real change in the email culture in his organization. Most staffers couldn’t choose to ignore emails that they were cc’ed on — because the cc’er might be their boss. Also, most staffers might not have email of high enough value that other staffers would benefit from browsing it, especially given many of the messages would overlap due to the cc factor itself. A software solution could eliminate duplicates though.

First time boaties
Llew and Mrs Llew come to the rescue of the hapless. Normally I would say something like, only in America, but ... well!?! Key quote for me:
... and to our utter astonishment, they backed in their third car to tow out the 2nd, and first, and boat & trailer...

Wow, what a boss to even think of this. Key quote ... well, all of it, just read!

Flight of the Conchords: Bowie Song
Thanks once again to Wellingtonista for the Wednesday fun:


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