Red shoes - get some and make your day a happy one

Like Martha* I totally uphold the idea that everyone (not just those of a female slant) should own a pair of gorgeous and fantabulous red shoes. They'll make you smile inside and out, give you a special bounce in your walk and lift the world around you.

This was an idea that popped into my head whilst walking to work and seeing a woman (lady, female, girl, chick?) with awesome red ballet-type shoes.

* I think it's Martha ... blogged about it many moons ago ... if it's not you then I just think it should be.

BTW: Isn't Martha doing well - connections galore, references from millionaires, articles in magazines! I'd be jealous (and I've tried to be) but really it's just brilliant how she's also living the dream and using this interweb thing to the max with her babylicious business- and her personality seems to shine through in all her online malarkey. On ya Martha!!!


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