How frickin' cool is that

I've shared this blog from Dilbert (Scott Adams) but reading the comments it just gets better and better. Basic premis =- technology is cool, example is then given by Scott that, when you really really think about it (he helps you to), it is frickin' cool.

Comments that have left that I also think show technology as frickin' cool are:
(spot the mention of Flight of the Conchords, awesome!)
I just got a GPS dongle for my mobile phone. It tells me exactly where I am. Using satellites. In space. It talks to satellites in space. I mean... how frikkin' cool is that?!


Wo-hooo, that one's easy. My favorite too-frickin-cool technology is Skype. I love that you can purchase a phone number from basically anywhere in the world and it rings in your computer. I live in New York and my family lives in Rio de Janeiro, so that's already pretty convenient.


I love Shazaam - the other day I was in a bookstore on my way home from work, and loved the music they were playing but didn't know what it was... so I punched in '2580' and pressed send on my phone - a minute later I received a text telling me the artist, album and song title. I went home, bit torrented the her entire discrography and in no time was listening to an entirely new, fabulous album. I then loaded the album onto my phone, which incidentally was charging my phone while it was connected to my laptop - and did all this sitting on my bed, laptop on my lap, watching Judge Judy and eating a salad. Before 7pm... an hour or two after I finished work. How fricken cool is that?


It was nearing the end of our wedding party, and, as wedding night was approaching, some of our friends decided that they wanted to play "Business Time" by Flight of the Conchords.

We had a Powerbook connected (by wire) to the audio system, but no WiFi coverage. Luckily, someone had a 3G cellphone, to which we were able to download the song from the web.

After that, we used bluetooth to beam the song over to the Powerbook and play it.

Afterwards, the amazement hit us, and we were, like, dude, how frickin’ cool is that? Seriously!


I put some food in the microwave and it zapped it hot in a matter of seconds!

Too frickin' hot!


sat nav.

even if i take the wrong exit off the motorway, a nice lady politely tells me how to get to my destination, and estimates to the nearest minute when I will arrive.

my wife, instead of arguing with me about directions, now argues with the sat nav.



Automatic Sliding Doors!

There are many any more ... enjoy


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