Do you live in an 'orgasm-based community'?

One Taste Urban Retreat Center
If not, yet you feel you'd like to explore such a lifestyle, then you'll be enriched by A Taste of Sex: A Reality Audio Show on Life in an Orgasm-Based Community audio feed.

Whilst I started off by having a school boy giggle about it I have moved through, "Hmm, why not" and onto, "This is just Californian poop taking life too seriously' - whatever you want!

Key to listen out for: cosmic, resistance fears, pussy, inner labia, crying, mysterious, approving eye, powerful, genitals, upper left-hand quadrant, drained, dedicate my life to that moment, disconnected from my genitals ...

Here's the blurb before you start listening to the calming West-Coast voices over the bongos and slightly Star Trek-y keyboard action:
Peek behind the scenes into the private lives of a community of the world's leading experts in orgasmic innovation. The OneTaste Urban Retreat, based in San Francisco, California, is a group of practitioners who live together and use sensuality as a tool for self-discovery. They focus on extending the moment of orgasm and intimacy to get beyond sex to gratifying and expanded sensuality. They live together and work together on the mind, body and soul approach to taking orgasm to higher and higher levels. Each episode will introduce you to new aspects of the practice. You'll hear from Nicole Daedone, the visioinary of the community about the history of One Taste, her goals and what she and her group have learned so far. You'll hear about new benchmarks of orgasmic pleasure and what's possible for your body. You'll hear first hand accounts from the individuals in the community who give each other orgasms every day, how that has changed their lives and their private thoughts about typically taboo subjects such as secret crushes, hidden desires and something called "frames" which are sensory snapshots of their actual experiences. One Taste is pushing orgasmic boundaries in ways that will amaze you and rock your world. Tune in and turn on.

Why was I at this site - loong story involving DVD's, birthday present, BBC presenters and following my dreams ... none of it involving sex or orgasms!


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