Lordy lord - the US "presidential race" is kicking off already

And that's exactly how I think it should be handled - as a race, an egg and spoon race, winner takes all. No adverts. No leadups. No campaigns. No waster $billions.

Dead heats to be re-run after a 5 minutes break. The winner will be found on the day!

And after 5 years (or however long it is, seems like 5 minutes) the country uses a blog to suggest the next US presidential campaign decider (rules, must be over in 30 minutes, one obvious winner). Everyone votes on the suggestions over 1 hour and then off we go again.

Maybe next time it can be paper, scissors, rock ...

That would stop Hilary Clinton and her ilk coming out with such banal pronouncements:
Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton has taken the first step towards running for the US presidency in 2008.

Sen Clinton, 59, wife of former president Bill, announced her move on her website, saying "I'm in to win".

... as opposed to being there to waste millions on purpose?!?


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