That was the week that was

Loving being immersed in the British comedy scene (or whatever I should call it - field, arena, industry?). There's been a spate of "best of British" on the goggle box over the past few days and I've loved it. Managed to see classic comedy (Python, Cook & Moore, Absolutely) with 'new' stuff (Little Britain, ... and others I forget).

The British TV has most certainly changed since I was here properly (1996) and even since I was here temporarily (2000) with it moving from the old BBC 1, BBC2, ITV and Channel Four to over 300 channels coming down the dish to my Ma and Pa. Granted they don't get access to them all (n Freesat) but we still have around 15-20 to choose from ... that's good enough.

And Jack has discovered Ceebeebies ... and is loving it ... too much.

My next foray, long with the newspaper experiment, is to start listening to the radio (haven't had it on once yet) and see what's been moving and shaking in that arena/field/industry ...

(PS: good to hear Conrad is back on the rugby field)


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