That's right, it's BEHIND here in the UK

As previously mentioned I had found a place to watch the All Black v South Africa test being played in my home town of Wellington (NZ) and was all set to pop on down Sunday morning for a very civilised 8:30am start.

Calling family in Christchurch for a natter Saturday morning Graeme signed off with, "Oh, Liz, tell Mike the game's just started" ... huh? ... how ... but ... OH! BUM! 12 hours behind not in front!!

Ach, sounds like everyone had a grand old time especially Mr D Carter and I know the mates that went would've had a corking time.

Life in Monmouth (Wales) is picking up slightly which coincided with the break in the 35+ heat. I've had a few bites job-wise (London based but that might turn out to be fine). We've been out and about to a few places and Meg is getting over her viral infection (although we now think she's getting another tooth so that's making her a wee bit grisly).

Since we've really taken in all that Monmouth can offer (pubs, beautiful quaint shops, vistas of trees and swimming at the local pool) we started to spread our wings a bit further and drove down the Wye Valley for a look-see. Got to the end at Chepstow and returned to Tintern Abbey where we had a picnic whilst Jack set about trying to fix it all up with his bucket and spade.

Actually, Liz and I managed to get out for a drink on Friday night without ankle biters. Only the second time since Meg was born. We had a grand old time visiting my old haunts and I was thrown back to 'good old days' when we got into the nook at the Queens and sat in the pool room of the Nags Head. It was fun.

And so, next week seems to be more of the same with a possibility of Plan B getting more attention as well as Plan A. Rob Burge and family happened to be down in Monmouth yesterday and so we caught up and he kindly passed on a contact for ICT jobs within the area so we'll see how that pans out.

Sorry this is rambly and very "What I did on my holidays" - I don't get to the computer as much as I'd like and so updates are a little less regular as I'd like.


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