What IS a "mashup" - check this out

In Internet/Web terms a "mashup" is term given to any website/programme that takes data from one place (say the BBC) and combines it with data/interface from another (say Google).

Here's exactly what I mean at BBC News Maps which, using the published API (Application Programming Interface ... geek-speak, don't worry about it) from the BBC and Google, shows you the last UK news over the past 12 hours on a Google Map. Not just a list of headlines anymore but wee flags on a map that let you see WHERE the news is going down.

Check it out: http://www.benedictoneill.com/content/newsmap/

And don't forget, this is just one - there are many MANY others combining anything and everything they can get their hands on (your favourite album played as a calendar even alarm was one I noticed ... nice). Check out the John Musser's authoritative Programmableweb for an excellent list of others to play around with.

(hat tip to Richard via his also excellent "'Web 2.0' List of Lists")


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