Life online: Changed to a far easier 'ToDo' list -

Despite the quirky name (or perhaps because) the Remember The Milk is an excellent site that allows me to quickly add list of things to do, group them, give them due dates and, here's the most important thing for me, share AND publish them out.

The sharing comes via others signing up (do I need to say it's free?) and I add them as a contact. This does bring me back to an key issue I have with all these sites I'm using, the constant requirement to re-enter my contacts list. There is just not any other way of sharing contacts though ... as far as I know. In this case it's not too much of a hassle as the only other person I'll be sharing my tasks with is Liz.

Getting the list out and onto other sites, notably my calendar (30 Boxes) and my desktop (Netvibes), was the key failing for my previous solution, Backpack as it just didn't do it. With Remember The Milk I can publish using either iCal or RSS which is exactly what I want. I've not checked the privacy of the feeds yet (do they have to be "public"?) but I'll take a look at the bridge before crossing it when it gets to me.

Check out the complete journey as I live my life online.


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