New Years Resolutions - here's mine

As we'll be in Akaoroa for the new year and we're leaving in a day or two here's my resolutions for those that read and record such items:
  • Pilates at least once a day for 30minutes
    (to be increased if this turns out to be too easy)
  • Focus on select areas of KM and become extremely adept
    (actual areas to come early January)
  • Cut back on the booze
    (ie, have to be a major deal to drink alcohol and not just because it's Friday!)
  • Put all PC held info on-line for total mobility
    (planning for true broadband and not have to think, "Bum, that's at home!")
  • Have a chat (phone call or face-to-face) with at least one mate/family/whanau per week
    (starting with Paul who I owe so many calls!!)
  • Get involved with the Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Enjoy my family and have regular kick-ass times with my awesome wife


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