My little toe (right foot) has slowly turned upside down

[updated 10-Dec]
This is the most reflected back on me posting,"Have you not read about ..." I have published. Not the most commented on (in a blog/geek sort of way) but a real/talk-to-me sort of way.


Weird ... and possibly a bit icky to hear. I'm not talking suddenly or over night but during the course of my life it's turned itself over so that it's now 'looking' into my foot with the nail part almost horizontal. All a bit like the Flounder and its eyes.

Wonder why.

Of course that's not the only weird part about my body. Some would say my brain takes the top prize but I think that's a little unfair and tad unkind even if it is humorous ... we geniuses have feelings too you know! My hair has been on a steady and fairly swift retreat from the rigors of living at the front of the head and I've always had a pronounced Widows Peak (that's pronounced, Wid-ows P-eek :-).

Moving on down the body I'm currently living in (philosophical point for another day) there's the sticky out tooth that's about 2 or 3 from the front two on the left (as I see the world). The two front teeth aren't exactly paragons of tidiness but they have nothing on this chap - looks like he's had an argument with the rest of the toothy-pegs and is trying to leave in a huff. Many reasons that include playing rugby, big teeth/small mouth and accidents as a child.

It's probably the most obvious part of the body that could've been "sorted out" but I've never had an issue with it and it's part of me. I used to not smile quite as widely as I do now but that was being a teenager and if hadn't been the teeth something else would've made me uncomfortable. I did ask a Wellington dentist about it and he said that, from his professional point of view, they're perfectly good teeth that do the job and the only way to "straighten them out" would've been to take 'em out and replace with falsies. This was an action both of us agreed wouldn't really be helpful as I wasn't a depressive hiding in the shadows.

What else ... arms and hands are fine. Could have more muscle on the arms to look more manly but that would take some work on my part AND, I'm never gonna have Jerry Collins-like arms no matter what I do. Actually, I did start a gym regime a few years ago for the Dragon Boating I was doing ... it didn't help and I stopped as soon as I could. I became wiry ... ick.

My hands and particularly fingers are long and quite sensual (I see it and others have told me). I don't touch-type and I can't play the piano but I probably should. I do, however, bite my nails which can leave some quite nasty ends to the fingers. When life is truly relaxed and safe I don't bite and have nails stronger than steel and longer than I can use - these have to go as I'm constantly scratching Jack which ain't good. Then I have a big nail-nibble session and we're back again. Whilst I can't remember any time I used nail scissors on my fingers be happy to know that it's the only way I look after my toenails - I do not bite them .. often.

Shoulders. Hmmm, they're getting a tad hunched. This is, actually, the one part of the body I am most conscious of and, if you see me around, you'll notice me pulling my shoulders back, pushing the sternum to click it and generally trying to "straighten up boy". Not sure where this has come from, one or all of the following:
  • Being "tall" as a lad and therefore hunching to be in the gang
  • Using computers a lot and that's generally the position for the shoulders as I type
  • Natural/genetic stuff
  • ... all other ideas gratefully received
Yeah, love to sort out the shoulders as I don't really want to end up like those 80+ guys that are shaped like something out of a builders toolkit.

Downwards we travel. Man boobs and stomach are totally under my control and will be sorted as Liz and I get trim and gorgeous after the birth of Meg (no news yet) ... they WILL BE SORTED!

Naughty bits. Not too shabby. The bum and strangely the lower back have long been commented on as very sexy and something to be proud of. I am. The willy area could always do with a little more girth, a tad more length and a little less hair. But that's every mans eternal cry I s'pose and I'm most certainly not hung up on it. He (yes, I do talk about the willy as a little person ... no, I don't know why) has done me proud, works when called on, challenges me when he feels like it and we have had a very happy, close and successful working relationship all these years. Long may that continue.

Legs ... - oh, nearly forgot those two other articles attached to and integral part of my naughty bits. They're fine. One has a benign cyst and has done for years - hell, don't even know if it's still there, hang on ... ... ? ... ... yep, still something there - HA HA HA HA, sorry, me thinking about you reading that has made me giggle. Anywho, I've been told it's nothing to worry about so I don't.

Legs. Probably my "best part". They're not the honed and cut items they were a few years ago but they're still the most powerful and 'fit' part of me. They are, just naturally, extremely powerful and have taken me to some quite cool athletic/rugby heights in my youth. They have 2 or 3 little 'spots' (the word "growths" seems so nasty) - they look like little spots that have gone on a bit. Probably cancer and will get me in the end.

Ankles. Fine. Don't have any views about my ankles but I thank them for working.

Feet. All good as well, nothing outstanding and certainly nothing freaky. And here we are back with the little toe on the right foot.

Bodies are cool eh! What do you think of yours, anything that you'd like to praise, any part that needs a little tender loving care (tlc)? Go on, tell the world, you'll feel better for it:

What part(s) of your body needs the most TLC?
The mop on top
Facial features
Shoulders and neck
Arms, elbows, hands and pinkies (fingers)
Food storage facility (stomach)
Derriere (oh, bum!)
Naughty down south bits, *blush*
Hips, thighs and leggy things
Feet, toes, cracked ankles and grubby nails

- OR -

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