Happy Christmas and a Merry Whatnot

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDespite my attempts to send cards to everyone in the universe I know I'm not gonna make it happen and will miss someone off. To those people I say, "Ach, whaddya gotta do eh?"

I would also like to say Happy Thingy and Merry Doobery to everyone who comes to the blog on a regular basis (be it once a day or once a year). I love reading your comments and I most certainly love the links provided.

From me, Liz, Jack and Meg we hope you have a corking Yuletide and a most fantabulous New Year doing all the things (and people) that you want and taking no care over your wasteline in the process.

A special shout out to Llew, Martha, Jessie, Caroline, Dave, Ross, Eroica, Alan, Emily (thanks for the picture), Jonny, Amanda, James, Cliff, all at the Wellingtonista and Richard - for all the laffs, intrigues and info you've provided on an extremely regular and consistent level, awesome and cheers!

And a final call to Caroline (Trivial Pursuit) and Sarah (one before) - come back, I miss you both


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