Kong music being squeezed in at the end

Image hosted by Photobucket.com5 weeks to go and it's all on for the music (technical movie making term, "score"); it's still a shame that the original Howard Shore music as recorded in Wellington by the NZSO won't be used but hey, that's showbiz.

The advertising/promotion is really kicking in with mucho malrkey in Wellington and posters galore appearing everywhere.

Here's the background to the latest Post Production Diary at KongIsKing:
Here is one PPD I'd never thought we'd see, James Newton Howard on the Kong score! James and his team have been working long and HARD in this short time to create the Kong score. Working out of LA the production has had to make due with recording dates spread out in various studios in Hollywood. James is writing music from 9 to 2..AM! This PD shows some GREAT musical cues and scenes from the film, we get to see some of the instruments being used in the score, and we know what has been recorded so far!

The game is almost as big as the movie ... guess what makes a lot of money :-)

Check out the trailer and prepare yourself for a movie going experience.
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