My new work building

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA little on the new office.

Well, when I say "new" I mean quite old actually. It's definitely not as good as the previous work-place which was open plan, airy, light, modern and despite glitches now-and-again, worked a treat.

The building I'm in now definitely has a 1960's feel about it. It's quite a rabbit warren, with a stack of add-ons, annexes and alterations.

There's also paper for Africa but that'll be part of my job to help recommend policies of "removal".

The views are pretty average but too be fair that can be said about nearly all places in Christchurch - certainly not the scope for the glorious Wellington harbour views. Mind you, even if there was a view I wouldn't see it as I'm the furthest away from a window I've ever been :-(

The best thing about where I work (apart from the people who are turning out to be quite a cool bunch) is the location. Walk down Tuam ("2-warm") Street, turn right and I'm in the city centre. So unlike the trek down Molesworth Street to get into civilisation.

Haven't found a BB/Thistle replacement yet but I understand Friday lunchtime I'm off to a local "micro-brewery" so all looking good.

And the air-conditioning sounds like a tornado a few streets away when it kicks off ... but one gets used to it.


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