Lunchtime I had a wander and a think

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI went off to get the second suit from Munns - it was being, *ahem*, let out in the trouser area as the style now-a-days seems to make them sooo small a normal shaped person just can't get into them ... or something.

Anyway, the weather here in Christchurch (the link is the weather station on top of my work building). It's been an almost constant source of communication with Wellingtonians. I have had those telling me how cold it will be at night, telling me how awesome the weather has been in Wellington (which is good to hear) and asking me how cold/hot it's been here.

Of course it's very interesting and is the 'neutral' constant between disparate geographical entities allowing a flow of information facilitiating future colla... oops, work talk! (not really, no-one, including me understands that crap so I steer clear of it).

So, the weather - it's been grand. A few cool nights but generally very nice. Lovely day wandering around the city centre.

And the city centre. It's not quite the size of Wellington but pretty near it. Some of the off streets (ie, not the couple of main shopping areas) have some very cool wee shops, bars and cafes. The buildings are not as tall as Wellington which catches me out as well. Oh, and it's not as "classy" - it's got a slightly older, shabbier, lived in feel.

Seems to have all the facilities I require though. Sandwich places, cafes with coffee ($3.50 for a large takeaway), cool looking bars and all the consumer products you'd expect. Fine.

Pedestrians seem nice - not "London mad", not "Sydney crazy" and not "New York angry" - just normal Kiwi's and could be in any other city. There's more "Asian" looking people (whatever that means) out and about and a lot less Maori/Pacific Island people ... which I miss. Generally it's a whitey's place.

I haven't been out of the "street scene" yet and will, if the weather holds, get to the parks down the road later.

(more great old photo's of Christchurch)


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