Changed banks as well as cities

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI've been threatening to change banks for quite some while now (ever since I returned from Sydney in fact) but have only managed to do it once I got down to Christchurch. Part of the problem was that our debt-paying exercise only recently came to fruition.

So, moved from BNZ to Kiwibank.

Leaving the BNZ closes the oldest NZ chapter in my life. Jude and I opened the account in Te Awamutu a week or so after arriving here in 1996. It was our joint account and it's always been held at that branch. Since then of course it's been a single-lads account, a house account, a student account and back to a joint account.

Reasons for changing? Nothing mind-blowing, things like:
  • Bored of them;
  • Kiwibank is NZ owned;
  • I fancied a bit of green on the statements
    (we all know how I'm a "green person" - wait until you see the reason I came home to Wellington at the end of the Sydney trip).

They have everything I wanted - ATM's, Internet and phone banking, TXT banking (not sure if I actually wanted that one), people I can go and talk to if I want and at least one mate working for them.

In fact, you could suggest that I'm merely following Adam in his banking worklife ... that would be pushing it but the evidence does currently support such a theory.

Oh, and their ATM cards are very funky :-)


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