Working days to go = 5

And I will not be missing everyone!

Some of the 'users' (horrid word) of the applications are a little, um, slow ... no, clueless ... nah, asking for too much time and help without regard to the needs of the whole. I dunno, I get frustrated by people that don't try and help themselves first before putting their hand up and bleating for assistance.

Not remembering their own requirements, changing them on the fly, not knowing how (not even trying) to test their own applications, asking for stuff with stupid deadlines, working in a cocoon, ignoring the realities of the technical environment, being emotionally attached to certain software, being bloody minded about work practices, not willing to be trained, not questioning assumptions, not asking for clarification, insisting on a specific solution without knowing the issues to be resolved, re-inventing the wheel.

All things I've had to fight in this place during my BA work.

So, glad to be away from that ... although I'm sure it'll be the same in other organisations, heck maybe even the new one!

Some people are starting to get very agitated about me leaving. It rubs my ego in all the right ways but I don't know anymore that a lot of others so they'll be fine and dandy.

Of course I am bloody good at my job so that'll be a challenge for them - especially the "usability" side of things - I get it.

One more working day of the week (Friday) which is pretty busy but have a nice end in a wine bar with a wonderful work colleague who was very VERY helpful with all this change over.

And then we're counting down in hours ... well, not really but I could :-)

Jokes about or comparisons with Christchurch!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comDon't. Ok, just don't.

I get that you think it's funny. I hear your cleverness about how cold it will be. I know you think it will be worse there than here.

But really, just don't bother. It's boring me. It's been said many times already. I've already told you that I won't be missing such banter. You won't be original, big or clever.

So don't. Ok, just don't.


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