What I won't miss about Wellington

The constant wind, the over priced coffee, the snobbery/competition with Auckland, the look down on the South Island (no, not just because of ...), pseudo-political discussions just because Parliament is here, crap (possibly even "corrupt") council, one way in/one way out, start of the season Hurricanes promise, lack of shopping choices, lack of sun in houses, the way everyone leaves during any public holiday, moving of business to Auckland, crap TV reception, lack of enough good places to enjoy the harbour (with a pint in hand), dodgy council, everyone knows everyone (could've been on the 'will miss' list but on average it's not good), best views cost a fortune, the "bypass", snooty bar doormen, waste of the International Terminal, no local TV, shocking 70's government architecture, the big one is coming, non-use of Courtenay Place toilets (opposite Molly's), being on a plane as it wobbles into the airport, not having long-haul flight at my fingertips, that Miramar Library statue ...

There's a tonne of things that are bad no matter where in the world I go but no point missing them out for Wellington just because of that.

Let's see if we can get some pictures to match this lot:

Thanks to Wellington Flickr posters Felicity and Phillip, Ungawa and indiginz

Hmm, not alot of Flickr pictures of the wet, nasty days of Wellington - come along people, let's see all facets of Wellington life and not just the sunny architecture ones :-)


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