King Kong pick ups nearly all done

The stars are away (probably gone this w/e) and its 19 weeks before the New York premiere in 14th December.

Both these from the KongIsKing site:

Post Production diary - 19 weeks to go:
Pick Ups continue and the whole gang is shooting Skull Island scenes inside one of the Wellywood studios. PJ is in a jovial mood and scoots around the set like a kid in a candy shop. We get an insiders view of the Script Supervisor's job, and the details that the continuity teams need to keep at hand when shooting the same scenes months apart. Jack Black and Andy Serkis take it upon themselves to work on a wardrobe malfunction. And we get to see more shots of Adrien Brody in his cage..or THE cage..from now on known as the Brody Box.

Pick Ups day 4:
A day in the life of a glorified featured extra! Jed Brophy shows us what a typical day is for him while Peter Jackson is on his 4th day of Pick Up shooting on King Kong. Jed, along with Matthew Chamberlain, Lee Hartley and others give us the absolutely amazing details of the most action-packed day ever! Be sure to not miss Andy Serkis, a quick shot of Jack Black and Adrien Brody (still in that cage) and porridge...lots of porridge!

First trailer still doing the rounds on the official King Kong movie website.

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