Wellington, do I love you?

In true(ish) Wellingtonist spirit I'm gonna do the "let me count the ways..." deal.

Unlike Mr Llew of SunnyO I won't be writing loads and loads - most of the 'why are you here?' stuff is already detailed in glorious monochrome using the power of words placed in order at chapter four of the life story.

What do you like about the town? The 'town' being the whole of Wellington City - not just the limited view that it's the CBD/Courtenay Place type areas.

Lots but I have to say they're getting less and less at the moment.
A list is required, no order:
  • It's my current home
  • It's small and walkable
  • It's friendly (well, the people generally are)
  • The hills, views, harbour and shorefront
  • It's was The Riversdales first home and therefore will always have a special place in our heart
  • Like Llew I love the fact that LOTR/King Kong is made here - it's so cool
  • I love the rugby, the stadium
  • The events are quiet cool

What don't you like about the town?
The current council and it's non-democratic, dodgy dealing attitude.

It's size is becoming an issue for me. After loving the "smallness" of the Wellington I am starting to feel a little claustrophobic within it's boundaries. I suspect this has come from some people having a "small" attitude as well - think the opposite of Peter Jackson.

I don't like that Wellingtonians think they have their finger on the country's pulse just because Parliament is situated here. Generally they don't and Wellington is a bit of a 'liberal ghetto'.

I don't like that "big business" (big in the 'small pond' sense of the word) deem it necessary to move to Auckland. Again, Mr Jackson can drive one of the biggest businesses from Miramar and yet they can't see passed ... something.

Do you remember your "first time experience" with Wellington? Just. Jude and I had arrived on the Kiwi Experience, settled into the backpackers on Cuba Street and we all went straight out to a bar. The bar is now known as Molly's but at the time, and for years after, I had no idea which one it was. Dancing on tables early in the morning occurred.
And then there was the V8 race for the next two days. We stumbled around with VERY loud, "Nnngggeeeeaaaaaoooooooo" zooming past us - ick.
But we definitely felt an affection for Wellington like no other New Zealand town.

What were the best times and worst times? Crickey - probably loads in chapter 5 (and 6+ when they come). I think the worse of times were those involving some sort of break-up: from Jude, from Sharon, from Sydney, from work places, from past habits. They're tough.

The best of times are those that involve friends, family (Liz and Jack), nice weather at something cool-as (rugby, an event of some sort) with loads of energy/excitement. There's been a few.

What does the city mean to you? Not sure. 2-3 months ago I would have said, "My home!" without hesitation. Now, it ... I dunno. It's where my friends all live. It's The Riversadale's first home.

And that's ya lot. I'm sure you've got your own answers (unless you've been living vicariously through me) - we'd love to hear them. Blog 'em, link back to us and pop a comment in the Wellingtonist article and we'll link you.


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