Week 11 and the sickness is departing

Sounds like a diary entry from Scott of the Antarctic doesn't it? Talking of Antarctic, winter sure has arrived here in NZ - as I look out the window the rain is pelting down from a grey southern sky and it's absolutely freezing, there goes the power bill.

In fact the article heading refers to Liz and the growing of our new daughter - no, no actual evidence of "her" being a "her" as of yet BUT Liz's sisters have come up with a cracking theory which so far, totally holds water - prepare yourself for 'gender of baby theory #147':
  1. Find the sibling prior to the birth of this one - "only children" and "first borns" need not apply
  2. Check the direction of the hair on their crown (top of the head)
  • Clockwise = Boy
  • Anticlockwise = Girl
So, after checking the head of Jack ("The Head of Jack", shurely a 1950's film starring Yul Bryner) his crown hair is anticlockwise ... just. So it's gonna be a girl ... just.

We could've used a multitude of other methods:

So, we "know" it's a girl and that puts even more pressure on for girls names - keep 'em coming and many thanks to all those that have emailed or left comments, all appreciated despite my sometimes sullen responses, it's just so damned hard with girl names.


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