Toilets at Oriental Parade

Had the occasion to utilise the new (to me) toiletry facilities near the spruced up playground at Oriental Parade (near Freyburg Pool) the other day and I must say they are quite swish. Although upon entering the large cubicle I was a little put off by the wall sized mirror that greeted me - I nearly walked out as I thought there were other people in the toilet and I'd accidentally barged in on them. Also "room" is probably a better description as there's enough space to swing a cat - must take one along next time to try it.

Once seated and happy in the knowledge that friends were looking after Jack I must say I would have been happy with a newspaper of the day or my latest book, most comfortable was I in the sunlit ablution palace. I think it's a guy thing.

But when I finally got up I did discover a slightly unnerving function of this modern convenience - everything is automatic, well almost everything as I was still expected to manually hoik the trousers back up. The toilet immediately flushed upon my standing ... very cool - all powered by a little infrared remote sensor against the wall.
Aha, issue! I don't know about you but I tend to stand up before applying the two-ply. But then what will happen to it? No more flushing will occur until the next person sits and stands up. Ick, my, my ... um, my "used wipage" is there to greet the next person. Not nice. So, in the spirit of friendship I spent the next 5 minutes covering the sensor, sitting/standing, looking around for the override ... anything. Not sure what I did but eventually the blasted thing just flushed - maybe it's all built in and would have done it anyway.

Washed hands (auto-soap, auto-water, auto-drying air) and left knowing full well that this was gonna be blogged, hee hee.

Have a good ANZAC Day people if the storm doesn't blow you away or freeze you (what a night here as well as down South!).


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