One-eye'd Cantabs

It's fun being in Christchurch when the Cantabs are performing so well - down for a day of meetings and brought the wee fella down for the night to play with all his cousins and family.
Of course they (I'm talking about the fans here - not the team, they are, I'm sure, magnanimous in both victory and defeat) are very keen to tell you how awesome their team is, how they are gonna win the Super 12 and that they are simply the best.

It may be true.
But everyone has told me - family, taxi-drivers, work colleagues, people at the meeting ... everyone. Ach, good on 'em. And the 'Canes tie might be rarking them up a bit - hee hee.

But we, Hurricanes supporters, are very different - and when I get home I'm gonna expand on why I think that is.

Oh, and whilst it doesn't feel that good to say it, on the Blues. More happy to say, "Otaaaaagoooooo!"

But I had a shocker of a Virtual Super 12 weekend with 5 measley points! Not sure what I was thinking, but it was obviously very wrong.


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