Miramar's cinema

As most people from Miramar probably already know the old cinema (down in the shops) has been vacant (derilct is probably a far more suitable word) for quite some time now after it was all "bought up by Peter Jackson". In fact, of course, it wasn't bought by PJ personally but by one of his jointly owned companies, Weta (Workshop and/or Digital). And so, a notice on the Kong Is King site informs us that Weta Workshop have finally updated their website and off I tootled to have a look around. On the About: Weta Facility Maps page I see, amongst all the locations of the studios, workshops, post production company and the like that the old cinema is listed as "Miramar Cinema Project" and therefore is actually on someones 'to do list'.

So, maybe I will get to see something in that cinema after all.

My view on why it's taking so long, especially after I recall Jamie Selkirk saying that it would be finished by April 2005, is that they want have the cinema decked out a la a "Lord Of The Rings museum" but haven't got the go ahead from New Line and/or Tolkien Estate. Although that's just conjecture on my part it is supported by this Christopher Tolkien 'outline' (near the bottom of the page).


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