The Lions are preparing to come

I think the fact that Woodward outlines Lions vision and we're still playing Super 12 highlights how determined they are to win this series. If I'm correct the All Blacks won't be together until after the Super 12 final (28th May) giving the Lions a few weeks head start. And don't forget that they will have played Argentina (Cardiff, May 23rd) and five NZ regional sides and the NZ Maori before they step into their first test (Christchurch, June 25th). Oh, just read that the All Blacks have their trial (Napier, June 3rd) and a test against Fiji (Albany, June 10th) before facing the Lions.

Still, this could be tougher for the All Blacks than I first imagined - especially if Mr Wilkinson really does make it down here.

Interesting to hear that the NZ public aren't flocking to the non-test games; wonder why.
I got offered tickets to the Wellington and 'another' game. Declined them. Can't be arsed to be honest. Only put my name in the ballot for test tickets and they seem to go to people that already had some!

Super 12
I had a cracking virtual week with 37 points - moved me up a few places - but gonna need quite a few if I'm to be in the money!
Hurricanes had a bye before tackling the rampant Highanders at the Stadium this Friday.
Shame about George Greegan ... Yeah Right!

Another awesome win on their way to the series clincher. Deserve a hereoes welcome when they come home.


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