Jessie from The Backyard, was that you?

Am doing some work at skylight whilst Jude takes the wee fella out to the Zoo for the afternoon. And, being the super-duper fast and clever chap I am I've finished about 30mins ago and decided to utilise the extremely fast Web connection these guys have.

I'm trawling the regular blogs and have a giggle at the latest from Alan at half-pie. I click to leave a bland, "ha ha, and me" type comment and then I see it. The comments fields have been filled in. It's got Jessie's details from The Backyard.

I nearly cricked my neck as I challenged the Jessica that works here. I claimed my prize and demanded acknowledgment of her being the power behind The Backyard.

But no, all I get back is a very convincing, "What the hell is a blog?!?"

Doesn't everyone know about my latest obsession? Isn't everyone rushing to an Internet Cafe to sign up to Blogspot. No, obviously not.

Which leaves me with only llew as my only real life, in the flesh, sighted with my own two eyes 'blogger person' - and I'm not really counting that.


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