Jack's gonna have a sister

Well, I don't really know if Baby X is a girl but it would be cool as.
But, as the everyone will no doubt say to us over time, "Whatever the sex, as long as they're healthy and have all their bits then be happy" which is basically true ... but a sister would be mighty ;-)

So, for those that don't know, haven't read between the lines or not heard it on the grapevine then take this as your official notice (whilst The Times is more traditional this is cheaper and quicker). Yep, Liz is in the throws of ... throwing up, big time, as she's due to have a baby in mid-November. It's very early days but we're the sort of people to let everyone know all the facts when we find out and you'll get the latest on the gender, movement and all the other stuff we parents-to-be talk about constantly as it happens.

I'm also gonna blog a bit of what it means to me being a father, again - you have been warned!
At the moment all it really means is I've gotta find some more money, we definitely have to pay off the debts in a month or so and I'm doing ALL the household chores whilst playing with Jack every evening. Yep, I got the better side of the deal as I would hate to have to chuck-up every day a la Liz (hopefully the herbal remedies she using will help ... ). Not even terribly excited about it all - probably because it's not that real for me until I really see Liz's belly extend and the wee lady starts to move around.

BTW: I'm hoping for a girl, had you noticed? :-)

What else - oh, names. We're always on the look out for name, especially girls names. We could probably give you half-a-dozen boy's names that we'd both like at the drop of a hat or any other piece of expendable clothing. But girls, we're a bit stuck. We were thinking of maybe a Welsh name but we only found a few that we both liked and even then it wasn't a, "Yippee! That's the one" type of affair. Plenty of time as we have 2 months after the birth before the NZ government start to hassle ya for a name ... and, did you know that you can pick any name at all, any firstname, any surname, anything. Jack was a Riversdale way before Liz or I.

Liz likes "old fashioned" names (Rose, Hazel and the like) but I don't like them because they are, well, "old fashioned". My two favourite girls names were always Jane and Sarah - both taken by Liz's sisters, *sheesh*. I also like Myfanwy (Welsh, if you hadn't guessed) but Liz instantly pointed out that, to her, "It sounds like My Fanny!" Well, that's ruined that Welsh lullaby for ever me.

And so, if you're got any suggestions for girls names please drop them in the suggestion box at the end of the article.

And there you have it - father/mother again (is that a correct term, "again"?), bro'/sis on the way for Jack and no doubt loads and loads of learning to do. Having Jack does mean the "technicalities" aren't new but we're still about to be visited by a stranger and have the dynamics completely and utterly shifted around.


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