Jack and his chicken visiting

We have some friends that live near-by and they have two chickens. When they're away we get to go and visit, change the water and take the eggs, very cool. Jack loves popping up there - here's a few of him over Easter.

On another Jack related note - who's in for a bit of The Wiggles? He absolutely loves them and is now so adept at dancing to the DVD/videos that I'm thinking of putting him into a dance competition! Proud Father Alert - he's one of the few kids in his peer group that actually gets up and shakes his thang (turns, jumps, sliiides with hand shaking, head bobbing he's got the lot). And it makes no diference what music; boy racers with thumping bass as they drive past, adverts with catchy jingles, Robbie Williams ... anything that gets him going he dances to.

For his current favourites check out Yummy Tummy from, yep you guessed, The Wiggles!


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