Shark Pickler Hirst Admits He's Had Silly Ideas

I like his attitude as Shark Pickler Hirst Admits He's Had Silly Ideas. Especially liked:
"I don't like the idea that it has to be done by the artist, I think it's quite an old fashioned thing," he said.
"Architects don't build their own houses," he said, adding that his assistants are better painters than him anyway. "You'd get an inferior painting if it's done by the artist."

Other stuff as I trundle through a lunchtime (where did that come from? Man I'm busy today!). Hurricanes did well to keep winning - it's not pretty but it's a win. Whilst I had a pretty good Virtual Super 12 weekend and moved up a few places on both listings I'm still quite a few off the top placers.

Movie News: HGTG movie is finally coming out - loads of expectations/fear on my part not unlike LOTR when it was first mooted. Also, King Kong is coming to the final week or so of principle photography - parties galore for those involved, lucky sausages. BTW: If the Stuff link doesn't work then join Sarah at One Before in a rant.

And that's me - off to do more work after a quick run around the Wellington blogsphere.
(golly isn't Public Address getting slow?!)


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