Segway from pub to pub as I ponder life

Was sitting outside the new-ish Tasting Room yesterday late afternoon with a refreshing Celtic in my hand as I watched the world go by. Someone then went by (well actually, out of the very pub I was in) on a Segway and I thought, that's got to be the drunks perfect accessory.

The woman that was on this particular version wasn't a drunk and didn't look at all like she would be one. Wonder why she was using it.

Another thought I had at the time was, "Why does it seem that only poor and the non-beautiful people do volunteer work". Now, I've made huge assumptions there ... but, generally, it seems true. This came about as a bunch of, what looked like, Sally's walked passed from an event of some sort. They weren't gonna be drinking in Dockside or eating at Chow in the near future.
Is it true or did I just insult many many people?


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