Most famous blogger/journaler

So, we've had the oldest running blog - that's blog and not personal website or online journal/diary. So, how about finding the most famous blogger/online journal-er?

As a start there is the Bloggers category at Wikipedia but I couldn't find that many famous people - I'm talking world famous and not just famous to a handful of Americans - they're not all like that but you get my meaning.

To kick off, how about Sir Ian McKellen ("Gandalf")? Leave a comment ...

WilliamShatner.comThe List
In the running and in "famous-ness" order:
(last updated 29-March-2005)
  1. William Shatner
  2. Michael Moore
  3. Moby
  4. Sir Ian McKellen
  5. David Duchovny
  6. Noam Chomsky
  7. Gene Simmons
  8. Zach Braff
  9. David Hasselhoff
  10. Rosie O'Donnell
  11. Dave Barry
  12. William Gibson
  13. Neil Gaiman
  14. Ron Jeremy
Know of someone missing? Leave a comment ...

[Updated 31-March-2005]
A cracking read at Vile File about this article ... and so, what letter would you write to your "InnerSelf"?
Thanks to Morphess for pointing Ms Viles writings out to me.


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