Marie D'Esple has a friend named Joyce Neroni

I received this email this afternoon about the Marie D'Esple post.
What do you think ... yep, me as well! Good effort but not suckering me in at all.

Dear Mike,
I just got 3 letters from Marie, Here is what is written at the top of each one. Please respond to [address removed], Thank You Joyce Neroni
1st How to win handsomes of money at the Casinos, 2nd would I like to be the 17th person to win over $15,000 a month and every month, 3rd The vision of my future is extremely clear.
Now I wish for you to let me know if she is a fake, because on each one she has MR Joyce Neroni. I am certainly not a MR nor do I wish to be. If she is so good why put MR in front of my name.
On each one she wants different denominations of money. 1st one she wants $29.90, 2nd one she wants $35.00, 3rd one she wants $35.95. I work part time and have just enough money to buy food after paying bills. I don't have this kind of cash. No Bank account Just living off paycheck by paycheck.
Thank You for Your Time,
Joyce Neroni


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