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If she wasn't Benito's granddaughter I'm sure the story "Mussolini's Granddaughter on Hunger Strike" wouldn't fly at all.
Love the final paragraph, paraphrased as "I didn't cheat! But if I get caught then it's not fair because they all do it".

And having just eaten two pies (I know, I know - but they stopped selling good salads at the cafe!) this seems a little appropriate ... sort of: Pi Day Gives Math Mavens Something to Celebrate

Johnny Wilkinson - bet he's a f^cked off young man. Whilst anything that weakens the English rugby side I applaud wholeheartedly I do think this is tough on Wilco (see how close we are? He calls me Mr Riversdale, no point letting standards slip are there?) and the Lions ... who are coming soon (June-July).

And always a good time waster is the Ask Yahoo! stuff. So, now I know the answers to

And on I go (all via My Yahoo! pages, nice way of bringing it all to me).

Did you know that Fever Pitch has been re-made into an American movie? Well, I just found out AND, it's nothing to do with soccer but ... baseball!?!!? What the f^ck!

Nice article from Cracker on Public Address and a final one from Rob O'Neil's Heat from which I steal his note about Gough Whitlam:

Gough is still active and remembered for many things, but most memorably to me for a rejoinder he made in Parliament one time. A member from the bush was waxing on about services to his constituency before finishing grandly, addressing himself to the speaker: "Because in the end, sir, I'm a country member."

"We remember," Gough responded urbanely.

Finally, one from the vast collection of bookmarks - random sites from ChangingLinks


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