Jack and the local playground slide

Jack and his adventures on the local playgound's big slide. Enjoy.

The start of the slide adventure

Up the ramp - "Catch me if you can"

"Come on Dad, keep up"

"Oops, nearly the wrong way"

"What? Use my hands as well? ... Let me get back to you on your request"

Arrived at the top - even from this angle you can tell he's grinning from ear to ear

"Just get myself up on the ledge .... hmm, bit windy today".
BTW: This little event is where Dads pulse rate rises somewhat

Nearly there (now you see why I struggle with this little bit ... "Deep breath, he'll be fine, he'll be fine" - just be bloody ready to catch him)

"Wheeeeeeeeee" ... is probably what he's thinking

And a safe landing

"Ha ha ha ha ... let's do that again" ... and again, and again.

"Come on! COME ON!"

Jacks domain ... and I have to say, it's a bloody good playgound with things for most ages to do - Miramar Central School for those that want to pop along


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