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I blubbed and I blubbed

And The Vicar Of Dibley is meant to be a comedy.
But if you saw the Easter Special last night (actually part 2 of the New Year special when originally shown in the UK) then you'll know what I was talking about. If you didn't then check out this video which was shown as part of the show ... and I blubbed!

The "letter to Tony Blair/Maggie Thatcher" by the character Jim summed it up - I paraphrase:
No more children dying when we know how to stop it.
No more excuses.
No more.

Now that Jack is in my world I'm definitely affected by children in pain a lot more. It's that feeling of, "It's not their fault" and, "They just don't understand" and, "They need helping from big people who should know better".
I imagine being in a foreign non-English speaking country and having my only friend and guide suddenly taken away - bloody scary for me and I'm 38, imagine if it had happened when I was 10!

So, instead of only being sad (just being sad is OK though), try helping those two boys in the video and the many like them:
All in all it reminded me of why I am who I am and what it means to me to be human (not everyone feels the same though).

Crickey, may blub again ...