Easter, what is it good for ...

"... Absolutely nothing! Say it again." *

And if you're Christian of any make or model then please move along to the nice blog just down the road, this ain't gonna be for you.

So, really, what is the point? I'm sitting at home on an average Friday - re-named Good Friday but I have to say it's bloody average from where I'm sitting - and there's sod all to do. I can't go and buy anything, I can't catch-up with my mates for a drink, all the best adverts have been taken away from me, I can't smoke inside - oh, hang on, I don't smoke anymore. AND note, it's Friday, I could be at work producing worthwhile things for the community and receiving a fair days wage as I normally do ... *ahem*.

OK, so I'm a bit bored and I could find things to occupy my mind - I could update the CV, I could do that work for Dianne at skylight (I've just re-designed/coded/launched their website - whaddya think?), I could clean the front-room (spurious question #1: What do you call the room that you generally live in - the front-room (very UK), the lounge, the TV room, the sitting-room ... what?). But somehow none of it seems to appeal.

I'm bored! It's like being fourteen again when it's raining (and it bloody is raining, *sheesh*) and ya mates are "doing stuff" in their homes (probably being as bored as you, but in your mind their having fun without you - somehow) and we're all really just hanging out for the day to finish so we can ... don't tell anyone ... go back to school on Monday.

So, Easter - what is it good for?
Well, I do get to see stacks of bored local teenagers in skimpy mini-skirts hang out with the boy-racers from across the street (believe me, this isn't a nice view). Probably bored like me.

So why does Easter bore me? Christmas doesn't bore me, ANZAC Day doesn't bore me, other holidays that I'm forced to take but can't name don't bore me. Easter bores me. Always has.

OK - so, blogging isn't just about raising the question but coming up with my own answer to my own question. How's this - I don't get presents! Well, more properly, I receive no positive feedback in anyway whatsoever.

Christmas is obvious, presents. And of course, I'm referring to those that I give and the smiles on the recipients.
ANZAC Day I get to hear about amazing people, people that have done and seen things I can imagine - the day challenges me.
My birthday ... oh, don't you all have that day. Sorry ;-)
Waitangi Day - normally a sunny day, get to chill with mates, always gives the news media a little kick and we get to be entertained a tad. And it's summer.

Easter - nothing!
I get to eat chocolate, but as the Wiggles would say, "Whoop-dee-doo" (but I say with a silent "f^cking" just before the 'doo'). Chocolate is for life - like puppies. Same goes for any bread product being cooked "just forEaster"!

I get to hear about how a bunch of Catholics (a leading splinter group within the Christian world holding major paranoia tendencies) get to stand around an Italian city square listening to an old guy in a chair (or if he's got the flu/no throat, his second in charge) - AND, they get to hear the same speech year after year. But hey, I'm not down on Catholics, they can stand around in as many Italian city squares as they like; I just don't need to know they're doing it and if I did, I'd Google for the nearest one and pop along.

So, Easter - what is it good for?
The only thing I can come up with (for me, all of this is for me) is that it gives me space to arrange holidays. I can guarantee that everyone will have the same time and therefore can go and see people. Nah, it's not good enough. I'm a big boy now, I can arrange my own time for holidays - time when I want to go and not when the Easter Police say I should.

Now, as people that know me can attest I'm not just a whinger, oooh no, I'm much more than just a whinger - I'm a solution focused team player with an eye on building relationships to assure the continued success of the system thus enabling future growth towards the businesses stated goals. [note to self, cut-and-paste blog entry into CV].
And the goal of this business (me) - not be bored.

And here's how I'm gonna stop being bored. I'm gonna get off my arse, stop writing about how bored I am and phone everyone I haven't called for ages and have a jolly good chin-wag.

Easter, what is it good for?
Right now - for me - catching up with mates. Good enough.


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