Dave Allen and Tommy Vance

Have just read that Dave Allen (comedian) died on March 10th which has left me a little sad.
I once saw him on stage in London and I can only recall two things he said (much like Billy Connolly he didn't tell ya outright jokes but more rambling hilarious stories). Anywho, one short one he said was:
I once read an instruction notice on a product, it was on a deodorant stick. The notice said, "Take off top and push up bottom" ... why would anyone want to do that?

Also, Tommy Vance died earlier this month.
Listen to "TV on the Radio" R1 jingle, MP3, 307k ... wow, I could feel, taste and smell my bedroom when I played that. Just his name takes me back to my early teens in Wyesham as I listened to him on my pride and joy, my stereo system, listening for the latest NWOBHM. Hmmm ... feel sad and wistful.


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