Wot a night!

As some of you know Liz and Jack are in Christchurch catching up with the rellies allowing me to plan the perfect evening - I got to have a few drinks with my mates after work (3:30pm start!), get takeaway food, grab a set of action/FX DVD's that aren't usually welcome in the house and stay up as long as I want.

So I did.

Started off with a few beers with Dawn at the new Loaded Hog (old Greta Point now open near Shed 5 on the waterfront).
Now, let me have an aside here and ask, has anyone had a good experience in this place? It certainly has one of, if not the, best harbour viewing balconies in the city ... BUT they are just crap at service!
The food (from other people's accounts) is awful (ie, "sent back and demand to see the manager" level of bad), the staff (there seem to be a lot of them) don't know how to serve (young & inexperienced - training?!), the beer is just blaaah. From talking to others it's getting a really bad name for itself.
But we all keep going because it's got that view.

Anywho, onwards and upwards and Paul and I toddled off to Brewery Bar (nearly as good a view, nearly as good sun but many many times better service and ambiance) before being joined by Dom to quaff a few more ales.

I catch the bus home (can't spend all my pocket money in one go) to discover all the Miramar takeaways (of note) and the bottle store close before at 8pm but never mind, there's always New World to stock up on the essentials - nuts, crisps and a bottle of wine.

The DVD selection (as AC/DC's Highway To Hell blasts into the old lugoles via my trusty 'Walkman') was fairly quick - Spiderman 2, HellBoy and ... oh, I need another to make up my $12 overnight special ... um, er, um, oh what the hell, The Haunted Mansion, hmm, may have been a bit drunk when I did that ...

Home, the meal (*ahem*) laid out, the TV facing me without having to compromise angles for others, first DVD is in, wine glass full, sound up and awaaaaay we go ...

... at 4:30am I got to bed.

At 9am I have a mobile call which wakes me up ... no problemo, I've got ALLLL DAAAAY!

So, I'm now playing on the PC with tired eyes before falling comfortably and deliciously back to sleep in bed with a good book (re-reading, Short History Of Nearly Everything after reading llew's Christmas reading blog entry).

Life is sweeeet in Miramar.

So, just gotta get the "On This Day" links working, thank Monmouth-based CJ for adding me to his list of blogs and check out this that's just been sent to by Adam before venturing out into the sun ... or not.


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