We've all got a view on Americans - here's mine

Well, would you believe that this has to occur ... Judge Rejects School Board Evolution Stand ... well, I s'pose only in America.

Liz was telling me that the state Dubbya used to be senator for (or whatever they have up there - Texas wasn't it?) has taken a massive step backwards ... oh, after that doco last week on TV One, "Texas Teenage Virgins". He brought in a rule that totally controls (limits in my view) sex education in schools, evolution is merely a theory - what next, the world is flat, women are 2nd class citizens, beating up children in the name of God is just find and dandy? What a way to control people - and it seems they sold the idea to an awful lot of "fellow Americans" ... God bless America!

My theory is that the Bushes (and fellow bastards that hang around them) have seen how successful fundamentalist Islamic priests has been at controlling the populace (and this article on David Icke's site is around a lot) (getting them to die for a cause that they themselves wouldn't get involved in - hello soldiers in Iraq!?!) and have taken the lessons on board. Of course they've now turned it around into the American Fundamentalist Christian's (led by Bush) new Crusade against Islam itself.

And when I say "American" I don't mean all Americans - never had the time to meet them all - but I mean those in power (the corporations I mean, not the politicians - mind you, is there a difference, probably not) and those that stand outside Abortion Clinics taking photo's of those entering so they can try and fire bomb them later! You know, the real arseholes of the world that will try and ram their views down all our necks without considering that there might be another point of view.

And, of course, America has also given us a lot of very cool things ... movies that make you cry, music (although the best comes from the UK) and great comedy just to mention entertainment. Hell, even this site is American which I love. BUT, this push to try and have a fundamentalist Christian world-view tied together with Corporate-owned world resources casts a shadow over it all ... shame eh?
I even make a point of not buying American where I can as I think it somehow lends support to the current regime ...

And that's enough of that ... could let it get to you if you thought about it too much and it don't really affect us that much down here.
Still there future boss? :-)

Oooh, earthquake tremor as I write (Molesworth Street, Wellington) - pretty strong ...


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