Thinking of getting Saturn (or whatever it's called now)

Anyone got a view on the cost effectivness of Residential High Speed Internet (Cable) or the packages they offer (which has TV, phone rental, and Internet)?

Currently we're Paradise ($20/month), Telecom and a crappy arial on top of the TV (naff reception).

I s'pose the Telecom equivalent is Sky Digital via a dish, JetStream and their phone connections.
Here's a handy little list of their 'At Home' stuff.

Anyone with any views on this - leave a comment, ta.

Here's a little something I've cut-and-paste to help decide (those below aren't all the options - I've only taken the ones I'm interested in) - prices per month:


Sourced from their website

  • Dual Service: $ 59.95
    Phone + Saturn TV

  • Net Starter 250: $ 48.95
    Phone + 250 Hours Paradise Dial Up Internet

  • Triple Service 250: $ 76.95
    Saturn TV + Phone + 250 Hours Paradise Dial Up Internet

  • Triple Service HighSpeed 1G: $ 94.90 + $10.95
    Saturn TV + Phone + Paradise High Speed 1G - 2Mbps/1GB

  • Triple Service HighSpeed 5G: $ 114.90 + $10.95*
    Saturn TV + Phone + Paradise High Speed 5G - 2Mbps/5GB

  • Voice Messaging when added to any phone package: $ 5.95

And don't forget the connection costs.


Equivalent from Telecom is something like:

  • Xtra JetStream Everyday: $45 *

  • Xtra JetStream Explorer: $50 *

  • SKY Digital Start Up: $31
    Connecton of $100

  • Phone connection: $40

* Connection costs around: $200


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