Teddy Bear's Picnic in the Dell

We had a grand old time at the Teddy Bear's Picnic this afternoon with our friends Jude, Philip & Josh and Karen and Dave (of whom I have a great piccie wearing Liz's hat - I will post it unless Dave pays me money, ha ha ha).

Dave, Karen and Jack having a sing-song

Jack and Dad have a hat moment

Jack and Mum singing along as Karen enjoys the top class entertainment

Philip, Jude and Dave as Josh hides away from the paparazi

We had a walk back via the Duck Pond - those ducks had eaten a loaf of bread each as all the other parents had done the same, poor things

Jack looks on at the extremely well fed ducks (there was bread in loaves just floating around)

Jack throws one more piece of bread to the ducks

Jack walking back to the car via the Botanicals


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