Super 12, Tri-Nations tired: Marshall

I have to say I've not been a big fan of Justin Marshall in the past but I rate him for what he says in this article.
I agree with the "tiredness" of the Super 12 which I can only see getting 'worse' with the expanded version that is coming you to the same stadiums as always.
As for the Tri-Nations - yep, every 2 years would have been good. It would have put the 'unknown' back into the games and probably added a lot more interest to the World Cup as well (not that it's all about the Southern Hemisphere anymore). Maybe the Six Nations could go every 2 years as well and then we'd free up the teams for some true tours.
I would add to Marshall's comments of "look at the interest the Lions has generated" to how the Northern tour at the end of the All Blacks 2004 season was also keenly followed.


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