WTF! There Is A Surcharge To Use Paywave

This is NOT a new rant. People far better than I have had rants about the extortionate costs to use PayWave. 

If you mention PayWave at any place that uses it, any customers that use PayWave, anybody anywhere to be honest, they will have nothing positive to say about PayWave costs and will roll out their own rant.

This is my rant.

Cash is free.
EFTPOS is free.
PayWave, which uses the same machine as EFTPOS, costs.

The retailers tell us that it costs them $$$ to use the PayWave functionality and so they pass on the costs to us.

The banks tell us it's not them but the Credit Card companies that are charging and they are passing on those charges to the retailers.

The Credit Card companies (of which there are really only two, Visa and MasterCard) tell us ... nothing.

I have found this from SmartPay an EFTPOS system vendor:
To accept payWave in NZ, you will likely be charged 0.7% to 1.0% if you are on Interchange plus (unblended) rates with your bank. 
Which also had
So, 2022, it all changed and the costs plummeted so those with rants that pre-date this are wrong. Nah, still the same shit eh.

Highest I've found in Wellingtontownland is 3.5%:
Photograph of a 3.5% PayWave surcharge notice

And the lowest is of course zero (and there are quite a few that don't charge):
Photograph of a no PayWave surcharge notice

The most common seems to be 1.5% or actually 2%
Photograph of a 2% PayWave surcharge notice

Is this acceptable?

AND, if we need to have signs, and if there's a surcharge then we definitely do, can't someone print some nicer ones and not use the hand scrawled bollocks is use.


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