Pride Month + Daily Photo = You $weating

As you are aware my daily photo is a trawl through my photos in a particular order. It's pure coincidence that this is today's choice during 2024 Pride Month*.

A very happy coincidence.

Being bisexual by nature, having gay friends and family members, and knowing a tonne of queer / gender fluid / non-binary people means Pride Month lasts a Pride Year for me. Welcome to your annual peak inside.

If you wanna support your gay, bisexual, non-binary friends or the community in general please give generously via Hannah's Sweat For Pride fundraiser:
Inspired by my brave and amazing transgender teen daughter, I’m taking on Sweat with Pride this June to raise money for our Rainbow communities! 💦🌈


The vibrant colours of Reykjavik's Rainbow Street head straight up the hill to Hallgrimskirkja church in the distance that is lit up by the rising sun. Two and three storey shops and buildings line the street alongside planters, bike racks, and benches.

* Hang on Mike, I thought Aotearoa New Zealand's Pride malarkey happened in February / March. Well, it does coz good weather and history. But hey, it just means we Kiwis get to celebrate with Pride twice a year, yay!


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