5 UK Culture Thoughts

Having recently(ish) returned from the UK this a continuation of a short series of "Things I've noticed whilst being in the UK" posts.

There's loads to love about what the Brits are about and that makes up for what we all also know about them.


Old is "weight", it's also what holds the UK down and that's a good thing and a bad thing. Old is the weight of others before you (tradition), it's the weight of expectation (class), it's the sound of the person next to you (judgement), it's why you can't leave and why you should.

Good people.

The UK people and their values, mostly, are solid, the core is good. When they're not being played by the powerful, they are the best. Like every other landmass on this planet. 

Old fashioned views.

Women walk on the inside, expect doors to be opened for them, apparently it's "polite".

It's true, the Brits say sorry all the time, it's like verbal tourettes. EXCEPT when they're in a car.

Don't look up!

Despite it being 23c in Monmouth in October no-one wants to say the words "climate change".

Geography thoughts.

The view of NZ from the UK is exactly as you think it is, "beautiful country", "lovely people", "green, peace, harmony".

The UK is a nice place to live if you're out of the cities and big towns. This usually takes money or history to make it happen.

People still have a general knowledge of where places are in the world.
Country train platform with the Fat Controller / Sir Topham Hatt and a small crowd of families with kids watching Thomas The Tank Engine arrive in the distance.


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