"You've Stitched Me Up Mike πŸ˜‚"

My recent trip to the northern hemisphere kicked off with a week in London with mates. Despite two of us originating from the UK, one an absolute Cockney, all three of us revelled in being the tourists we were, wandering everywhere, taking photos of everything.

This particular day, I and the loved up couple were following a route from Joolz Guides most excellent Rather Splendid London Walks Book and 'accidentally' ended up walking through Hatton Garden.
Hatton Garden is London's jewellery quarter and the centre of the diamond trade in the United Kingdom. This specialisation grew up in the early 19th century, spreading out from its more ancient centre in nearby Clerkenwell. Today there are nearly 300 businesses here in the jewellery industry and over 90 shops, representing the largest cluster of jewellery retailers in the UK.
I claim no influence, however they did go home to Aotearoa New Zealand engaged, just saying 😜
Collage of 4 black and white photographs. All have the same male/female couple looking in or walking towards shops selling diamond jewellery. One has the man looking back with a knowing smile on his face.
I think it's fair to say Keith knew what would happen the moment we walked into the area, his smiling face says it all, ha ha ha.


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