UK Food Thoughts

Having recently(ish) returned from the UK this a continuation of a short series of "Things I've noticed whilst being in the UK" posts.

A couple about food and drink, just silly things I noted down whilst I was in the UK for a few months.

Coffee with "Mike" written in the foam.

UK only does small flat whites, I don't know why.

Now, a flat white coffee was invented in New Zealand in the 1980s - don't listen to those pesky Aussies they're just jealous. 

And so I'm fairly cognisant with a flat white and how to order one, in fact anyone who knows me is aware that it's, "a large flat white please, thanks so much."

But not in the UK, there is no such thing and no-one could tell me why not. Someone did suggest that a large fw would just means it's a latte but, nah.

Weird eh, it's just not a thing in the UK, I wonder why this came to be.

Chicken wings on the left, prawns on the right, a BBQ

Meat in shops is v average. 

NOT in actual butchers, let me make that very clear, there the meat is excellent.

Move away from butchers, as most people have/do and the meat in supermarkets is very average compared to what you get in Aotearoa New Zealand, and we're pretty bloody average compared to what Aussies can buy in their shops.

Except sausages.

The best sausages are in the UK.

Pam's Edam cheese

The cheese in the UK is no longer the cheese I like, I am a 'bland NZ cheese' connoisseur.

This is all about me, my taste in cheese has changed and I now prefer the bulk standard very average low in taste Edam cheese made in bulk in New Zealand. 

I see this as a step backward for me, but there it is.

Supermarket checkout with groceries to be paid for

All supermarket food is wrapped in plastic.

Everything, just everything is wrapped in plastic. And if it's not, like fresh veggies, people will take a plastic bag to put it in, for no reason. Yes yes yes, some of the plastic bags are "biodegradable", but just don't and then it doesn't need to be.

Sarson's malt vinegar bottle against salt and pepper pots on a table

If you're in a place that serves chips there will be Sarson's malt vinegar, this I approve of.

It must be close to a monopoly however I am all for it. Something's just need to be.


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